Pascha 2007
Pascha 2007
Pascha 2007

Worship is at the very heart of an Orthodox Parish and is its main ministry. All other ministries flow from it and are nurtured by it. It is the responsibility of each baptised Orthodox Christian to be a faithful participant of the Church's worship to the greatest degree possible. It is here that we all become co-ministers with the Priest.

Here at St Nicholas we are fortunate to have a very complete schedule of services throughout the Liturgical Year. These include the weekly Resurrection Cycle with Vigil at 6:30 pm Saturday and the Divine Liturgy on Sunday at 10:00 am. Also, Vesperal Liturgies are offered at 6:30 pm on week days to afford busy, working families the opportunity to participate in the Great Feasts of the Church Year.

During Great Lent many special services are offered including a weekly Presanctified Litrugy on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

Holy Week is kept with special reverence by offering services each evening at 7:00 pm beginning on Palm Sunday and culminating at the Midnight services of Pascha. Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday are also observed with special Divine Liturgies at 10:00 am. 

As a rule, most of our baptisms take place at the Sunday Liturgy allowing all members of the Body of Christ to participate and recieve with joy the newly illumined ones.

The Liturgical Schedule appears both on the monthly calendar and in the weekly bulletin.

Altar Servers

After making their first confession, boys can begin serving in the Altar full-time, although part-time serving is traditional prior to the first confession. Follow the links below for the half year altar server and helper schedules.

Coffee Hour & Fellowship

Fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ is an important part of our community. The weekly coffee hour and special Brunches and Dinners helps to facilitate this.


Worship is central to the life of the Orthodox Faithful. While everyone participates in this worship, our hymns are led by an all volunteer choir. Our praises are offered a cappella, as the human voice is the only instrument created directly by God. The choir is always looking for new commited members.

Church Cleaners

The janitorial duties are on a volunteer basis at our church.

Church Council

The Council assists Father Andrew in attending to the over-all well being of the Parish. From the development of a yearly budget to the over-seeing and implementation of any church program, the Council is an essential element of the Saint Nicholas Community.

Church Counters

The weekly stewardship donations are tallied by volunteers. Follow the link below to find the yearly counters schedule.

Counters Schedule


After making their first confession, young girls are encouraged to join the Handmaidens who distribute the Holy Bread and Wine during Holy Communion. Follow the link below to find the yearly Handmaiden schedule.

Handmaiden Schedule

Holy Bread Bakers

The Eucharistic Gifts are first and foremost an offering of the people.

Kiosk & Bookstore
As a service to our members, the Choir provides a means to purchase books, icons and religious articles on the Church premises. This has proven to be a great convienance to many of our members who need that last minute gift. Special orders and gift cards are also available as the need arises. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask Denise Fross or Luann Dzura for their expert help in locating your item. All proceeds from the sales goes toward music books and supplies for our Choir.
Maintenance & Groundskeeping

While Christ promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church, things still need to be kept up. Our volunteer teams of maintenance team and grounds-keepers handle small repairs and site beautification.

Mission Work
Peter & Sharon with Ugandan Children
Peter & Sharon with Ugandan Children
Peter & Sharon with Ugandan Children

St Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund

Peter & Sharon Georges, two of our parishioners, have established the St. Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund. Their mission is to provide for the education, health & welfare of impoverished Ugandan children, teens, and young adults. Visit their website here.

Past missionary trips by members have included Kenya, Brazil and India.

Parish Education

Church education, at any age, is important at Saint Nicholas. Each Sunday during the normal school year, children as well as adults meet before the Divine Liturgy to learn about the Faith. An adult class led by Father Andrew also meets weekly on Tuesday evenings. Special classes for those preparing to enter into the Orthodox Faith and those preparing for marriage are also offered when needed.


Current Readers Schedule

Teen Group
Teens raise money for charity at recent Bowl-a-thon
Teens raise money for charity at recent Bowl-a-thon
Teens raise money for charity at recent Bowl-a-thon

The mission of this group is to provide activities (service as well as fun) and educational experiences specifically geared towards teenagers. The group facilitates fellowship with other Orthodox Christians and strives to provide Orthodox input on issues that American teens face everyday. Click the link below for more information on upcoming events and activities.

Saint Nicholas Teen Group Page

Youth Group

Like the Teen Group, the Youth Group provides activities and fellowship with the youth of Saint Nicholas. It provides a chance for the children to hang out with each other outside of the church services. Click on the link below to find more information of upcoming events and activities.

Saint Nicholas Youth Group


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