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What is Orthodoxy all about? How does Orthodoxy differ from other Christian denominations? This section will help to answer these questions and, hopefully, many more. The PDF presentations below are a good starting point. If a more in depth study of Orthodoxy is desired, check out "The Orthodox Faith," a four volume series by Fr Thomas Hopko. For a more visual (and auditory) look at our Faith, please click the video below (Note: It may take the video a minute or so to appear). Don't forget to check out the About Orthodoxy page for a good online resource and, also, the Useful Links page for additional material. Specific questions can always be addressed to our Pastor via the Contact Information link in the left menu.



The Orthodox Faith
The Orthodox Faith

The Orthodox Faith, by Fr Thomas Hopko, offers a more in depth study of Orthodoxy. Clicking the picture will lead you to his popular four volume series which offers a concise study of Doctrine, Worship. Spirituality, Church History and the Bible.

Orthodoxy — A Visual Journey


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